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Music & Meditation

Meditation is a very popular relaxation exercise that allows you to concentrate and centre your thoughts. Meditation can be done in many different ways, but meditation with music is very calming and makes it easier to concentrate. However, you can not use just any music for meditation. Meditation music is usually instrumental or inspirational and stimulates brain activity on the right side. The right side of your brain is controlled by rational thoughts that are ideal for meditation. Meditation normally requires silence, but meditation with music requires an even quieter environment, free from distractions. This means that you must turn off your phone and disconnect yourself from the outside world. Meditation music will give you vibrations to focus on and enable you to concentrate on your breathing, but you must limit all distractions when you meditate with music. Meditation is used to relax the body and mind, so you have to try to relax in your muscles, and free your mind from all the worries. When listening to meditation music, you can try diaphragmatic breathing exercises in line with the rhythm. This will keep you relaxed and ensure you are properly centred. Meditation music can make the focus stronger, allowing you to concentrate more intensively. The vibrations help you breathe and entertain you throughout your meditation session. Without normal music, time will seem to pass slower, but with meditation music, your session will fly by. When the meditation music ends, do not jump back into your stressful day. Instead, you should hold on for a few minutes and slowly get back your energy. Do some soft stretching exercises to wake up your body and get ready for the day you have before you. You will feel rejuvenated and thoroughly calmed by the melodious sounds of meditation music.

Music & Meditation - rejuvenate yourself!