There’s no better way to begin the story about music festivals than the famed Glastonbury Festival. Since the seventies, and their beginnings under the name of Pilton Festival, they have boasted some of the best headlining performers in the world: Bowie, Oasis, Radiohead, R.E.M, Muse and many more. Headlining this event became quite an honour. We are still waiting for the 2018 lineup, but there’s no doubt that it will be smashing!

The History Of Music Festivals

Spending time outdoors with friends, listening to the live performance of your favourite artists, sounds like fun. But how and when did it all begin? Earlier than you will believe! There are festivals still being held that date back to the 15th century, and there are sources that claim that this type of entertainment goes back to Ancient Greece.

Modern Day Festivals

It was the seventies that brought the huge boom in festivals. From Fantasy Fair to the legendary Woodstock, the time of the hippie generation was a true revival of festivals. It became a phenomenon that just kept growing and spreading. Thanks to that, nowadays, music lovers can choose between hundreds of wonderful festivals worldwide, from Coachella in the USA or the UK’s Glastonbury, all the way to Sziget and Exit in Eastern Europe.

What makes them so popular, and why do people flock in hundreds of thousands to visit a festival, sometimes even travelling across the continents to visit their favourite? Every performer or festival lover will tell you the same – there’s something specific about the contact between the performers and the crowd. This is something more than just music and brings a vibe that makes the crowd feel the music. They react to it and embrace it fully, becoming part of the performance itself.

Festivals And Future

With the increased popularity of online streaming services and video platforms, people are just a click away from hearing and seeing their favourite artists. That leads us to the question of, do people still want to visit festivals and is there a future? The answer is, of course, yes. The biggest festivals break the audience records, year after year, and there are new festivals all around the globe. Music festivals are here to stay!

Festivals break audience records